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As I’ve been teaching two different instruments (piano and saxophone) I have encountered along the journey many people of very different ages, each of which has had a number of goals varying from having music as a hobby, to making music professionally. In my teaching, the most important thing for me is to preserve the joy of music, to encourage the student to find his or her own creativity, seek to integrate theoretical knowledge into practice and also create something new. It is important to comprehensively learn the language of music, and from the very beginning, I also encourage my students to compose their own music.

Currently I offer instrument lessons for piano and saxophone, as well as the basics of composing. I teach online and locally in Kirkkonummi Finland. For more information on the courses I offer, visit here.


Insomnia Studio's Composer Mentorship -program offers online mentoring for media-, film- and contemporary composers as well as songwriters of a variety of needs ranging from beginners to industry professionals. The program focuses on the individual, creating a customized roadmap to fit the career needs and goals of the customer. As the path is mapped out, the program offers a variety of professionals with their expertise to walk alongside the composer to reach the set goals. Depending on the needs of the individual, the focus and topics offered are ranging from film score composition, sound design, orchestration, arranging, songwriting, music production and instrumental skills - to even working though creative blocks. Within the program, I will currently be offering teaching in instrumental skills for saxophone, piano and cello.


The program offers also group classes, with the aim to provide a safe community for the students to share their own works and get collective feedback and encouragement to enhance personal growth.


Designed by the film composer and educator Geo Höhn, the teaching approach draws from the ancient method of mentorship offering a unique and much needed contribution to the music education with its holistic methodology and genuine care for the individual.

For more information on the program and enrollment details, visit the official page here: Mentoring Program


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