"The Restoration suite"

A four part Suite built upon a story structure of location, dislocation, re-location and restoration. Inspired by a Norwegian legend and the history of a small Italian village of Bobbio Pellice

Suite Del RistoroSatu Maria
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Composed in 2014 during my stay in a small Italian village Bobbio Pellice while attending an international art school "Incarnate", Suite Del Ristoro is my first composition work.

Suite Del Ristoro was composed during my attendance to an art school called Incarnateorganised by Operation Mobilisation. OM Arts facilitated a multicultural learning environment located in a small Alpine village called Bobbio Pellice, in Northern Italy.

This multi-disciplinary art school included collaboration with visual artists and dancers as well as other musicians. Before attending the school I didn't know I would be asked to compose. However this turned out to be my main task as a musician, and the challenges and tasks we were given, served as a platform of a major professional discovery - "I think I can compose".  

As a part of the artistic collaboration, a dance choreography was made to the Suite and performed by the students in the final concert. See the whole dance performance here




This work is built upon a structure which every story is said to more or less follow: location, dislocation, re-location and restoration. Inspiration is drawn from a Norwegian legend as well as the local history of Bobbio Pellice.

The art school's course syllabus was built upon a structure taken from The Hero's Journey - also called the Monomyth, which in narratology 

and comparative mythologyis the common template of a broad category of tales and lore. This, in short, can be described as involving a hero who goes on an adventure, and in a decisive crisis wins a victory, and then comes home changed or transformed. 


In this way each student was invited to their own "Hero's journey", during which the artistic processes were carried out in this framework of thinking. For me, the journey itself was a discovery of my composition skills, and the final work Suite Del Ristoro became the embodiment of that discovery.

According to a Norwegian legend, many villages were completely destroyed by the Black Death in the Middle Ages. When the plague hit a village called Jostedalen, the whole village died except for one survivor, a little girl. She lived on her own in the wild and hid from other people, but eventually was found and captured by villagers, and given the name Jostedalsrypa.

During my time in Bobbio Pellice I came to know the history of the valley and found a connecting thread of survival in the story of the local Waldensian people. Being persecuted for their faith for hundreds of years, they managed to survive until today.


I began to ask myself these questions: what happens after one survives? Surely victory is something more than just survival? This sparked me to explore the themes of hope, victory and total restoration. 


My work is built upon the story structure which every story is said to more or less follow: location, dislocation, re-location, and restoration. As I located myself being at a point in my own story somewhere between relocation and restoration, survival and victory, I begun asking “What comes next?” 




Piano/ keys, cello, saxophones: Satu Kolehmainen
Violin: Rachel Olney
Accordion: Federico Ferrato
Vocals: Danyelle Elisabeth Woods, Wendy Bartel, Dileep Ratnaike, Bill Drake

Mixing, mastering and production: Dileep Ratnaike


Choreography: Lauren Zampieri

Dancers: Aseneth Castaneda, Toby Littlefoot Archer, Amy Williams, 

Audra Wilson, Sarah Schole

The music is recorded, mixed and mastered as a demo version. Further arranging and recording of the work will possibly be done in the future. 


I think I can compose >

Composing Music

Even though fiddling around with ideas and improvising a lot, I had never finished anything that I could call a ready "song" - let alone composed for several instruments.

However, in Italy every circumstance was optimal for me to discover music flowing out of me, and the needed pressure of the school course enforced the completion of my first work.    

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Monomyth story-structure

in musical storytelling >

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Music is storytelling.

Using a story structure from

the world of myths and lore

for a musical work

was a creative discovery of

one interesting way of constructing a piece. 

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