A marine journey inspired by the conversations with an elderly sailor. Creative process of combining community art, composing and installation.

Sea VoyageSatu Maria
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Composed during my first artist residency in 2017, Sea Voyage was included in a multimedia art exhibition, as well as released as my debut single.

Sea Voyage was composed during the first artist residency of my career in 2017. The residency period lasted for one year and was focused on community art with a project involving a group of local elderly people. 

This community art project addressed the lives and circumstances of the elderly by focusing on personal storytelling. Several interviews and music sessions were conducted in a local nursing home and the final product of the project was an interactive multi-media exhibition called "Tone tales; composing lives - living compositions" developed by the artist collective Coming Visible. More details of the project can be found here.




The stories of an elderly sailor stirred an inner narrative, I followed. The outcome was a marine musical journey.

Sea Voyage was inspired by the several stories shared by one of the group members, an elderly sailor. His stories stirred my inner narrative, and nudged me to a process that resulted in this marine musical journey. 

In the process of composing, the stories of the elderly sailor interviewed in the local nursery home, were interwoven to my personal processes, and took me to a journey of asking deep questions (such as ​how do I navigate in life, what is my map, and my compass?​) and even working through some stormy life experiences. These different layers are embedded in the final work with the hopes that also the listener will be able to relate to, and have a voyage of their own.




As a part of the exhibition, my piece Sea Voyage 

created the musical landscape of a 15-minute sound installation located in an old wooden barn. 

Sea Voyage was, as a whole, a naval sound installation located in an old barn. It included the music composed, interview clips on the topic of sailing, which were collected during the residency period, old navigation device and a map owned by the sailor, one of the group members.


The video below shows a snapshot of the space and athmosphere.  


The work itself was composed with Logic Pro X and recorded in my home studio. Credits are:

Flutes: Simon Voigt

Saxophones and other instruments: Satu Kolehmainen

Mixing, mastering and production: Mika Mylläri 

Score notation: Satu Kolehmainen

Sea Voyage score was notated in 2020 


My principles of

storytelling >

Image by Aaron Burden

I learned to combine inspirational stories with my own inner narrative and create music from that place of authenticity. 

Working with Logic Pro X >


I learned to use Logic Pro X as a great tool for my composing process, and since this project have used it as my main DAW.

Self publishing music >

Image by Adi Goldstein

I learned the details of a recording production process and how to get my music distributed to streaming services like Spotify.

Sea Voyage was my debut single, released also as a physical copy.

Visuals >

Seav Voyage Cover .jpg

I learned to make appealing visuals for my own music productions by using my photography and

photo editing skills.

Photo 18.8.2017 19.50.34.jpg

Creative process of combining community art and composing >

Image by Dayne Topkin

The community art -aspect in the composing work welcomed the the local community's involvement in my own artistic processes. 

I sought to be inspired by the chosen community and combined my own expression with the findings.  

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