Small pieces with free form - and the beginning

of a creative process of composing. 


Small piano pieces with free form are one output from my journey of exploring the possibilities of free improvisation.

As well as having performed live piano improvisations, I have recorded massive amounts of them in my home studio, and built composition works out of them. Improvisation is a pool of ideas which offers amply to draw from. It’s also a playground for new compositional ideas without judgement. 

Free improvisation overlaps the roles of a composer and performer. At its best, free improvisation is both a finished artistic output and the beginning of a composition process, which can take hours upon hours of dedicated work. Find one good example of this method in my work Viimeinen Valssi.

Free improvisation can take varied forms from complete chaos to simple and meditative "musical journeys", depending of the audience. Playing free improvisation alone empowers me and acts as a sketchbook for composing ideas and getting in touch with my current emotional landscape, where as playing publicly or recording an improvisational piece, I currently aim for relaxing and soothing experiences for the listener.



Free improvisation is one of the main tools in my composer's toolbox. Having explored its possibilities for several years,

I have discovered it as a pool of ideas which offers amply to draw from. 

I have worked on, explored and developed the use of “free improvisation” as one of my main tools in my composer’s toolbox over the course of the last 8 years. Currently I use mainly piano for my improvisations.


I became acquainted with the concept of free improvisation in the context of my music therapy studies in 2011. “Clinical improvisation” is one of the most prominent methods of music therapy and is based on free musical expression without any requirements for musical talent. 


After my studies, I experimented with the concept combining my musical talent with the paradoxical liberty of not needing one. I used the free improvisation as a tool for my own inner processes finding expression freed from the boundaries of conventional jazz improvisation where I have my educational background. In this process I renewed my own view of musical improvisation altogether.


Having been trained as a pop jazz musician, questioning and expanding the concepts, structures, and frameworks of my previous studies was liberating. I also saw my own instruments in a new light.

These experiences also opened the door for my own composing. Free improvisation has thus significantly changed my relationship with music and been the biggest influence in finding my own professional passion, composing.

The power of music to move the structures of the human mind is undeniable. The power of improvisation as a creator of experiences of freedom and connection, a supporter of spiritual well-being, and a generator of spiritual experiences is fascinating. Improvisation in my life is also seamlessly linked to spirituality - I perceive it is a prayer that moves beyond the realm of words.


Its many usages in my artistic work is an ongoing area of research and a path that I’m delighted to journey upon. 




Piano improvisation combined with nature sounds, a portrait of the emerging new

SpringSatu Maria
00:00 / 04:46

Essentially a musical question of whether allowing imperfection in our lives and art is acceptable or not?

On Our WaySatu Maria
00:00 / 05:30

A live piano improvisation.


In the memory of my father. 
Rest in peace. 

FarewellSatu Maria
00:00 / 05:30

Take a sneak peek to a demo of a solo piano work with a mixture of neo clssical, ambient and jazz elements

Endless SentenceSatu Maria
00:00 / 00:50

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