I'm Satu Maria ,
 nice to meet you.

I'm a Finnish composer and multi- instrumentalist working across genres, creating a unique blend of sounds to tell stories and stir the inner narrative of the listener.




My name is Satu Maria Kolehmainen. I am a Finnish composer and musician, originally from Oulu, currently settled in Kirkkonummi Finland. My instruments are the saxophones, piano/ keyboards and cello. 


I have started my musical path with classical piano and cello studies as a child. Later on my studies led to a professional 

level and I graduated as a pop-jazz musician in 2008 from Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory, majoring in tenor saxophone.

Since my studies I have worked as an instrument teacher for saxophone in various institutions, as well as offered piano, saxophone and composition studies privately. I have also worked as a freelance musician. As a composer and arranger I have done commissions, worked as a residency artistcollaborated also with dancers and worked in a theatre production.


I have also taken several other music courses in different institutions, including music therapy, Western art music history, folk music studies and music theory. Read more about my professional history in my CV.


From 2018 to 2021 I run my own business Satu Maria Music, offering music lessons, live performances and composing commissions. Starting on Jan 2022 I'm on a one year sabbatical from all professional activity on music & culture field.



My musical journey has gone from classical to jazz, folk and to my latest discovery of electronic music. That's why I'm approaching music and composing as a journey across genres.

They key that initially unlocked the door for my composing was my experience with free improvisation after my music therapy studies in 2011 in the open university of Sibelius Academy. That's when I discovered my own creativity on a new level. You can read more about this core element of my creative process here.

The first work I composed was during my stay in Italy, in an international art school in spring 2014. Through this I discovered myself as a composer and my passion for composing has grown ever since. 

As a composer I'm mostly self taught, learning new skills 

through the projects I'm working on. I've received some updating education in Turku Conservatory, and I've also studied privately and received professional and career advice on a project basis from composers and mentors such as Mika Mylläri, Garrett Hope, Tony Manfredonia, and the late Geo Höhn, who was my most influential professional mentor. 



What makes me a good composer? Especially a few key elements in my personality intertwined with the intuition and creativity I've been given, make me good in my work.


I'm able to balance between the hard work of tweaking little details and surrendering to the journey of discovery where I connect my emotions to what I'm doing.


I'm also able to work alone and concentrate for long hours, where as I also possess excellent relational skills and have been commended as a good team player.

Finding composing later on my career means I've honesty wrestled with a lot of things - which I believe have resulted in empathy and an ability to relate, 

determination, being hard-working and persistent.



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