Here you can find out more about the ensembles, bands and collectives that I'm working in,

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NOTE: starting on Jan 2022 I'm on a one year sabbatical

from all professional activity on music & culture field.


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The Core

2020 - on a break

The Core is a Finland based duo made up of saxophonist-keyboardist Satu Maria and producer, multi-instrumentalist Theo Keys.


The duo's music fuses a blend of cultures and influences that tells the stories of each member’s musical journey, bringing a mix of African and Western influenced sounds that are based on each member's individual experiences.


Duo Mistral

2019 - on a break

“From experimentalism to chaos and from genre to genre, from Bach to Beatles. Duo Mistral combines traditions and new ideas without prejudices. 


Duo Mistral was born of a clash between classical and pop/jazz music professionals and the desire to do something new and something old with a professional touch, with some humour added."


You can get us to any event, a wedding party, funeral, jam session, house party, your special day, a business meeting - where ever you need music. Don’t hesitate to ask more, we convert to many styles and wishes.

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Coming Visible

2017 - on a break

Coming Visible is a collective of two artists, Simon Voigt (DE/DK) and Satu Kolehmainen (FI). Coming Visible seeks to investigate phenomena, people and current social themes, raising questions and creating a space and platform for meaningful encounters, where exchange happens through the fusion of music, sounds, words and storytelling.


The pilot project of Coming Visible was an interactive multimedia exhibition  “Tone Tales – Composing Lives, Living Compositions” which addressed the lives and circumstances of the elderly people of a local nursery home by focusing on personal storytelling.

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Kaemo @ Maata Näkyvissä/Turkuhalli 2010, Photo: © Tero Takalo-Eskola


2009 - 2012

Kaemo was a reggae band with pop nuances, professing the Christian faith and touring widely on the Finnish gospel music scene. The band jumped from the bushes of Ostrobothnia to the forefront of Finnish reggae with one leap, releasing three full albums by Bullroser records, as well as two self published singles. The band had their farewell gig in 2016.

I was a member of the band's horn section as a saxophone player, arranging and composing some material for the album "Läpi Tulen", as well as performing on the album, and the single "Etulinja".

Live performances

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